cat Smokey reception Cottage Vets



1. Reception:

Our spacious reception area and smiling receptionist will be the first thing you see when you come in. Our weighing scale is conveniently located in the reception area.

We encourage you to drop by any time for a quick free weigh-in if your dog is on a weight management program.

It’s also a great way to socialise a nervous dog…stop in for a treat and a weight check without having anything “done” to them so they can associate the clinic with positive experiences.

cat Smokey at Cottage Vets

2. Prep Room

Our preparation room is where we take blood samples, provide fluid therapy and where animals are anaesthetised and prepared prior to moving to the surgery theatre for surgery.

Minor surgical procedures and dental work are carried out here.

An intensive care kennel is also situated in this room so we can keep any critical patients under ongoing supervision.

Prep Room

3. Sterile Operating Theatres

The operating theatre is where major sterile surgical procedures are carried out.

The facilities inside the theatre include:

– Fully adjustable stainless steel operating table

– Powerful operating lamp to give excellent vision of the operating field

– Anaesthetic machine and circuit using Isoflurane for rapid recovery with minimal after effect

– Monitoring equipment to closely supervise the patient throughout the procedure – this includes pulse oximetry, capnography, oesophageal stethoscopes and Doppler ultrasound for blood pressure.

Most importantly our patients are constantly monitored during their anaesthetic by a veterinary nurse who monitors breathing, pulse, temperature, circulation and depth of anaesthetic.

Surgery on dog at Cottage Vets

4. Hospital Wards

Cat ward

Cat ward – note all the kennels face the same direction. This prevents cats from seeing each other which reduces stress

We have 3 separate wards in the clinic – a dog ward, cat ward and an isolation ward.

Separate cat and dog wards minimise stress particularly in our feline patients and promotes a more calm

The isolation ward allows us to separate any patients with an infectious or contagious condition.

We also have an ICU kennel which we can supply with oxygen for any patients with difficulty breathing.

5. Digital Radiography (X-ray)

Normal chest X-ray

Normal chest X-ray

We have an X-ray machine with digital processing which aids us in diagnosing fractures, gastrointestinal foreign bodies, bladder stones and heart/lung disease.

With a digital processor we can enhance and enlarge the images making evaluation of the abnormalities easier.

We can also send these images electronically to specialists if needed.

Fractured femur

Fractured femur

Skull X-ray

Skull X-ray

x-ray stone in bladder

Intestinal foreign body – a stone lodged in the small
intestine – this required surgery to remove

7. Ultrasound

Our high resolution ultrasound machine offers an excellent non invasive means of visualising your pet’s internal organs without the need for an anaesthetic.

This is beneficial in diagnosing a number of conditions including pregnancy, bladder stones, liver and kidney disease and heart disease

6. In-house laboratory

Our in-house laboratory consists of a centrifuge, blood test analysers and a microscope, all of which provides us with valuable information in diagnosing many different types of illnesses in your pets

Haematology and biochemistry blood test analysers

We have top of the range haematology and biochemistry blood test analysers and we can offer pre anaesthetic blood tests, general health screens, geriatric profiles as well as electrolytes.

These blood tests are performed on site meaning we can offer results on the same day. We use an external laboratory for further diagnostics.


The microscope is an essential piece of equipment and is used multiple times a day to analyse ear swabs, urine sediment exams, skin cytology and blood smears.
This offers a low cost but highly diagnostic service for our patients for an array of conditions.

8. Blood Pressure Measurement

High blood pressure is becoming increasingly recognised in our pets especially older cats, in which it is the leading cause of blindness.

It is usually associated with an underlying illness. Blood Pressure Measurement is also useful in critical care for very sick or injured animals.

Blood pressure monitor in a cat

9. ECG

The electrocardiogram is a non invasive diagnostic tool which is used to detect problems with the electrical activity of the heart.

Ecg in a dog Cottage Vets
Dental equipment at Cottage Vets

10. Dental Care Equipment

With an estimated 80% of pets over the age of 3 showing signs of dental disease we strive to provide your pets with the highest standard of dental care available.

Our clinic is equipped with specialised dental equipment including dental X-ray with a digital processor, air driven high speed drill, polisher and descaler.

Weimeraner having a dental at Cottage Vets

11. Dental Radiography (X-ray)

We are one of only a few practices in the country to have a dental x-ray machine with digital processing (similar to human dentist X-ray systems).

The Revolution 4DC features the latest technology. It is light and manoeuvrable which allows to quickly obtain the X-rays of teeth which would be almost impossible with standard X-ray.

x-ray teeth cat

Dental x-ray cat’s teeth

Digital processing is rapid and reliable which is critical in minimising general anaesthetic times for your pets.

Dental X-rays are therefore an essential component of regular dental care. With a visual examination of the mouth we can only see what a tooth looks like above the gum line.

With 70% of the tooth lying below the gum line there is no way of knowing what is happening below the gum line or inside the teeth without dental X-ray.

After examining radiographs, we often find problems that we didn’t know existed – problems which, if left undetected and untreated, could cause your pet extreme pain.

X-ray of cat's teeth

X-ray of cat’s teeth

X-ray of abnormal canine teeth

X-ray of abnormal canine teeth

X-ray of normal canine teeth

X-ray of normal canine teeth